Pursuant to Mississippi Code Sections 25-61-1, et seq., Hancock County Water & Sewer  District does hereby establish a policy allowing the general public to have access to any and all public records not exempt from inspection and to set an orderly procedure allowing said access and for the reproducing, copying and cost of same.

Each and every request for inspection, copying, duplicating, etc., made to the Hancock County Water & Sewer  District, shall be in accordance with the above Mississippi Code Sections.  That the procedure for same shall be substantially in the following manner, to-wit:

1.         Each request must be presented to the Hancock County Water & Sewer  Board or its designee in written form.

2.         Said written form or request shall be signed by the requestor designating the organization(s) he/she may represent.

3.         That a brief description shall be given of the information requested.

4.         A proposed time and place for the inspection, copying or reproduction of said records shall be listed by the party requesting records of the District.

5.         Social security number of the individual or tax identification number of an organization shall be listed.

6.         Address or time and place for delivery of any reproduced documents shall be stated.

7.         Short statement or description of the document(s) requested.

The Hancock County Water & Sewer  District will furnish within seven (7) working days from the date of the request, the document requested for inspection and the exact time and place of such inspection.  The District shall charge a fee of $10.00 for the cost of reviewing and searching said records and a cost of $.50 per page for the reproduction or duplication of any and all documents to be copied.  All fees and charges shall be paid in full or in advance before the District complies with any request.

Public records shall mean all books, records, papers, letters, maps, photographs, films, cards, or reproductions thereof, and other documentary material.  Certain records shall be exempt from reproduction and inspection, and shall include, but not be limited to, such items as personnel records, customer's account and/or customer information, records of any criminal investigations, workmen's compensation records, financial information of a proprietary nature required to be submitted by the District, attorney's work product, judicial records in possession of the District, jury records in possession of the District, tax records in possession of the District pursuant to Mississippi Code Section 27-3-77, exempt records otherwise imposed by law pursuant to Mississippi Code Section 25-61-11.

Any and all written request by a party(s) for public records with the Hancock County Water & Sewer  District shall be kept for at least one (1) years.  All denials shall be reduced to writing and submitted within seven (7) days to the party requesting same.  Said denial shall contain a statement of the specific reason(s) for the denial.  This file shall be available for inspection and/or copying during regular office hours to any person upon a written request and in accordance with the above procedures.



Hancock County Water & Sewer District is an Equal Opportunity Service Provider & Employer