Protect Your Water System!





7040 Stennis Airport Road

Kiln, MS 39556

(228) 467-6208

24 hours a day


Tampering with a public water supply is a serious offense and violators will be punished to the fullest extent of the Law.

Examples of Suspicious Activities:

Strangers climbing or cutting fencing

around water system facilities.



Unidentified vehicles parked or loitering

near water facilities for no apparent reason.



People climbing or on top of water tanks.


People taking photos and/or video taping

water system facilities.


Suspicious opening or tampering with valve covers, fire hydrants,or other water system components.


   Call 911 



Hancock County  Sheriff

Hancock County

Water & Sewer

(24 hrs a day)

It's your water
Help Protect It!

What you Can Do:

q            Contact your water system and￿￿ provide them with your name, address, and phone number and ask how you can get involved.

q           Organize a neighborhood water watch program and routinely communicate with the water system.

q           Get to know your water system, their vehicles, routines and personnel



Hancock County Water & Sewer District is an Equal Opportunity Service Provider & Employer