The Hancock County Board of Supervisors in response to the Clean Water Act formed Hancock County Water & Sewer District in 1987.  The task of the District was to put together an overall plan to provide sewer service to all populated areas south of Interstate 10.  Since that time the District has made enormous strides in cleaning up Hancock County.  Below is a list of the Phases, and the areas they covered.


      Initial phase  approximately 200 homes off Blue Meadow Rd. and Lagan St.

      Second phase approximately 500 homes in Garden Isles and Lagan St.

      Phase I Shoreline Park approximately 1000 homes in Shoreline Park

      Phase II Shoreline Park approximately 500 homes in Shoreline Park

      Clermont Harbor approximately 300 homes in Clermont Subdivision

      Bayside Park approximately 1500 homes in Bayside Park & Harbor Dr. Area

      Ansley - Lakeshore Road - Herring Bay - Phase I  & Phase II - approximately 300 homes


These projects have made major improvements in cleaning up Hancock County.  We still have one more phase to complete.  The Phase III Shoreline Park project will complete Hancock Countys major sewer infrastructure adding an additional 800 homes in Shoreline Park. 


 Some recognition that the County has received for the efforts being made is "The Gulf Guardian Award "for 2000 and the EPA Environmental Merit Award for 2000.  These awards show that the progress and efforts being made in Hancock County are making a difference in cleaning up our environment



Hancock County Water & Sewer District is an Equal Opportunity Service Provider & Employer